Nancy LeighPhotography

A Personal Note


Photography is my life long, personal project. The journey continues each day, as I observe and explore an ever-changing visual world. Paraphrasing the great photographer Ernst Haas, the challenge is to discover "new ways of seeing". My camera is a connection between my eyes and my heart. Photography isn’t a job or a hobby — it’s a passion fueled by curiosity, enthusiasm and the pure love and enjoyment of taking pictures. It’s a dimension of my life I treasure.

People often ask: “what do you shoot?” For me, this is a perplexing question. My best answer: “Moments”. A moment in time can be captivating light or color; an abstract, texture or gesture; intriguing weather or mood; the beauty of nature; an interaction, action or reaction between or among living beings. Then there is the serendipitous moment when an unexpected and spectacular event unfolds before my eyes. My heart beats fast. As another great photographer, Jay Maisel, would say: "I'm terrified'; terrified that the moment will pass before I am able to capture it.

Since I began shooting in 1974, my photographic world has been shaped and influenced by a few key people. The list includes world-class photographers: Ernst Haas, Jay Maisel, Sam Abell, Eric Meola, Stephen Wilkes, Henri-Cartier Bresson, Jonathan Chritchley and Andre Kertesz; some of whom I have had the good fortune to meet. There are others and the list continues to grow. In three of my sections: “Storytelling”, “Bookshelf” and “Heroes”, I will honor and celebrate these people, among others; showcase their books and photographs, and share their philosophies, sayings and advice.

Whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, I hope that my images will inspire you to always take the time to shoot for yourself. For the photography enthusiast, I hope you enjoy my pictures.